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2. APOCALYPSE Full Album DigiPack 2015

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2. APOCALYPSE Full Album DigiPack 2015
released by Human Destroyer (2015)

01. Apocalypse (intro)
02. Human Disaster
03. Tormented
04. Tehe Dead Hate The Living
05. Swastika (against racism)
06. Misanthrope
07. Full With Hate
08. Depression
09. Bloody Dreams
10. Soldat
11. Holy Lies
12. The Dead Hate The Living (S&H Bonus)

Description quotes.

"For lovers of Brutal Death like Immolation or Cryptopsy the disc is definitely recommended ......"
heavy metal poisoning

"The whole album saws the fontanel into tiny pieces and will do this again and again, because the record is not the apocalypse, but just damn entertaining and a must for every old school death metal fan."

"Death Metal disciples who are into old-school death mortar get full Swabian service here."

With" Apocalypse ", HUMAN DESTROYER have a solid Death Metal album ready that fans of the genre can listen to and that offers entertaining entertainment."
metal .de

"And with a lot of old school death ..... is above all brutal and aggressive and quite American ...."